Reduce Newsletter Overwhelm

A recipe for calm

Karen Cherry


Newsletter creation is not for the faint-hearted.

Today I consider myself a competent newsletter creator, with a two-year-old $15K newsletter and a fun free newsletter growing steadily every week. But when I first began it was a struggle.

High-pressure beginnings

I was super-keen when I launched my paid newsletter. I knew there were Substack newsletters with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. I wanted to get 100,000 subscribers and 10,000 paying subscribers. (I still want that!)

Did I put pressure on myself when I launched? You betcha I did.

Was I worried about sticking to a weekly posting schedule? Absolutely terrified.

Luckily, from past experience with websites and blogging, I knew that almost no one was going to see my posts for weeks or months after I launched. This gave me the confidence to be a little ‘lazy’ with my format when I was starting out.

I started my $15K newsletter with:

* no headlines (just “Issue #1, Issue #2…)

* no images

* no lead magnets

* no CTAs (calls to action)

And I still got subscribers, growth and (ultimately) revenue.

Problematic role models

Newsletter overwhelm is caused by our admiration for super-star creators who do


So we think we have to do all the things too: fancy logos, landing pages, optimized headlines, email banners, special offers…

But in fact…

Today’s super-star creator probably started their newsletter journey with

* inconsistent formatting

* a not-really-clear offer

* no branding

* typos and mistakes

* false-starts and missteps.

They were once where you are now. They didn’t have everything nailed right away.

You don’t have to get it all nailed right away either.

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