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Is it okay for me to create a Medium post that’s just an ad for my Substack help services?

Karen Cherry
3 min readJan 5, 2024
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Have you ever poked around in the backwaters of Medium? If you have you’ll know Medium is full of barely-concealed adverts for services and products. Such posts are perfectly acceptable on Medium.

So yep, it’s completely allowed for me to write a self-serving post about how I help people get started — and do better—on Substack.

<< The concept for this post was ‘borrowed’ from the marvellous Roz Warren, Medium writer, editor and writing coach. If you need the help of an editor, get in touch with her >>

What is Substack (and is it better than Medium)?

Substack is a newsletter platform. Writers use Substack to send posts straight to their readers’ email inboxes, and simultaneously publish them to a Substack-hosted website.

I’m a Substack publication owner (and a Medium writer). For two and a half years I have been the proud — and occasionally stressed — owner and chief writer of a food safety publication which generates $16K+ of revenue per year.

These days I also help other writers by sharing what I have learned during my Substack adventures, in a weekly free newsletter. And provide personalised help in the form of products and services for Substack creators.

Creators are going nuts for Subtack. But are you too late?

If you’ve been wondering whether it’s too late to join the Substack revolution, then it’s not. Substack has been around for a few years now, but in some ways, it is just getting started.

There are a LOT of inboxes in the world. Trust me when I say, they aren’t all subscribed to a Substack newsletter yet. There are still plenty of subscribers out there waiting to hear from you and your newsletter.

So you should definitely consider launching a Substack publication. And no, it’s not better than Medium. The two are different, and you don’t have to choose one or the other, you can publish on both.

Medium is for showing your writing to the world. Substack is for creating direct relationships with readers, through the intimate environment of their inboxes.

How I help

Since I launched my Substack help services, I’ve worked with experienced bloggers who wanted me to get them set up on Substack, fast; I’ve worked with older writers who need help navigating their way around the platform; I’ve provided feedback on publications, topics and structure; I’ve helped creators choose a niche, launch paid offers and tighten up their formats.

If you want my help, the easiest way is to book a 40-minute call with me. They cost just US$20 and come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Or, check out the other ways I can help you in my Gumroad store.

Get fast personalised help for $20, or get Substack ‘done for you’ for $1000

Thanks for reading my post-that-is-really-an-advertisement. If you want to get in touch with me, write to me care of my Substack publication: And if you want to check out my free newsletter, go to



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