Do You Earn More Munny If You Write More Words?

Is a 30 day writing challenge a waste of time?

Karen Cherry
4 min readSep 8


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This post was inspired by Kristina God‘s article which challenges new writers to publish daily.

There are some excellent non-financial benefits to publishing daily, including building good habits, crushing perfectionism and getting faster at writing. But publishing daily has a price. It takes time; time which you could spend on other activities.

So before you accept a 30-day challenge and jump on the hamster wheel of daily Medium creation, you probably want to know if it’s worth your time and effort.

3 Reasons to write more

I’ve listed the non-financial benefits of publishing more often already. Now for the financial benefits. Here are the three biggest reasons to write more and press ‘Publish’ more often on Medium:

  1. More Medium munny (partner program payouts)
  2. More Medium munny (partner program payouts)
  3. More Medium munny (partner program payouts)

Medium writers like Kristina and Lawson Wallace — who have way more followers than lil’ ol’ me — say you can earn more from Medium’s partner program if you publish more often.

It’s true. You can. But do the extra hours it takes to write more content translate into more dollars PER HOUR? More on that below. But first…..

3 Reasons NOT to write (more) on Medium

  1. You have a life
  2. You don’t enjoy Medium writing
  3. See reason 1.

Do more articles mean more munny?

Can you actually increase your Medium partner program payouts if you publish more often?

In my experience, yes.

My Medium earnings went from less than $20 per month to around $100 per month when I started publishing more often. I increased my publishing frequency from one article per month to one per week.



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