Conquer the “Is There Anybody Out There?!” Stage of Your Publication

It too shall pass

Karen Cherry


You’re a few months into your new newsletter venture. You’ve been writing, writing, writing…. And publishing, yes that too.

But no one seems to be reading. You listen for a sign that someone is out there. But all you hear is


I call this the “Is there anybody out there?” stage of a newsletter.

It will pass.

How to make it through this stage (with your sanity intact)

Firstly, give yourself a pat on the back. To get to a point where you are writing and publishing consistently takes major effort.

Most people give up before they send their 6th email. Hell, most people never get around to starting a newsletter at all.

So yay for you, and your consistent posting.

Celebrate where you’ve come from

At this point, you might feel like you are going nowhere but you have actually learned plenty and achieved a lot already.

  • You’ve learned that newsletter creation takes a lot of time and effort (more than you imagined, right?);
  • You’ve grappled with the tech and got it (sort of) figured out;
  • You’ve gained a subscriber or two, even if you don’t know quite how that happened.

If you feel like you don’t know enough, relax. Remember, a few months ago you knew even less.

Acknowledge the overwhelm

A few months into a newsletter, many creators start getting impatient for GROWTH.

At this point, they start reading, watching, consuming every post, video and tutorial they can find about how to grow; how to SEO; how to get more readers; how to do social media better; how to… Frankly, it’s exhausting.

Everyone gets overwhelmed at this point. It’s perfectly normal to feel freaked out by how much you don’t know yet and how much you are NOT doing.



Karen Cherry

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