A Simple Strategy to Get More Subscribers

More growth with less effort for your newsletter

Karen Cherry
3 min readApr 4, 2024
Image: 8photo on Freepik

Hi there, newsletter writer!

This week I want to share a powerful strategy for converting casual readers into subscribers. This strategy is easy to implement, and I’m often surprised that more publications aren’t using it.

When new readers find your work — say by clicking through to a post you’ve shared on social media — you want them to understand that they are reading a newsletter they can subscribe to. And you want them to know what it is about, and what they will get when they subscribe.

If you don’t show them they’ve landed on a newsletter post, your reader will probably assume they are reading an ordinary blog post. They’ll probably be bracing for advertisements and pop-ups too.

Imagine their joy when they discover your post is high-quality and ad-free! They’ll be dying to subscribe. But only if they know they can.

That means every post you publish has to have some sort of introductory spiel and a call to subscribe (CTA) near the top of the page. Marketers refer to the top part of the page as ‘Above the fold’ — a term carried over from newspaper publishing days.



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