3 Quick and Easy Tips for Substack Success

Stop punishing yourself, and implement these

Karen Cherry


Today I was reminded of three simple ways to improve your newsletter, for your readers and for yourself.

1. Make use of all available real estate

Real estate? I’m talking about on-page space. When we write a newsletter we naturally focus on the content of the email or post. But readers see more than just the post content when your email hits their inbox.

Headers and footers are important parts of every email. Headers provide an important introduction/reminder about why your email is in your reader’s inbox. Footers are a great place to ask your readers to take action (marketers call this your CTA, your Call to Action).

Improving your header and footer is a great way to improve your publication. I saw a major jump in free-to-paid conversions after re-writing the headers and footers shown to my free subscribers.

Use your headers and footers to show off your unique ‘voice’, remind readers about your mission, tease upcoming content and ask for shares, likes and comments.

To edit headers and footers, go to the Settings section of your publication dashboard, then type ‘header’ into the search bar.

2. Tweak your About Page

Who the hell are you, and why should I care? Your About Page is your chance to ‘pitch’ your publication to your readers. Make it good.

No matter how wonderful your About Page, there is always room for improvement. Review and update it regularly. Your aim is to let potential subscribers see what they are signing up for. Think of it like a book cover and description… you are trying to entice people to read.

Make sure your About Page includes:

  • The mission of your newsletter;
  • The benefits of being a subscriber;
  • What subscribers can expect from you, such as your frequency of publishing, types of posts, day(s) of the week;
  • Who you are;
  • Why you created your newsletter;
  • A sample of your best posts.

Take a look at these About Pages for inspo (thanks to Alex from Both Are True)



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